Let us care for your home sweet home

Each day, Call The Mrs. professionals visit homes in Southwest Michigan and improve the quality of life of the owners. Allowing Call The Mrs. to care for your home means you’ll have more quality for family, friends and life — while enjoying a spotlessly clean home. Every time we clean your home, we:

  • clean the inside of your microwave
  • dust each blade of your ceiling fans
  • thoroughly clean your blinds
  • wipe all your window sills
  • clean all your mirrors
  • empty all your garbage and replace the liners
  • change your bed sheets

And when you request, we’ll also:

  • vacuum couches and chairs and under furniture
  • clean your oven
  • sweep your garage
  • clean the inside of your refrigerator
  • wash walls and ceilings
  • dust and wipe baseboards
  • clean inside cabinets and drawers
  • polish copper, silver, and brass
  • ...and more!

Call The Mrs. professionals provide all cleaning supplies and equipment…even garbage bags! Additionally, we take care of insurance and employment taxes so you don’t have to.

Contact us today to see how Call The Mrs. can help improve your quality of life.