What your neighbor said about Call The Mrs.

Call The Mrs. is making homes and businesses sparkle all over southwest Michigan. Here’s what your friends and neighbors are saying about us.

“The house looks great.  I regret not hiring your service sooner...”
— Matt Conklin

“After a busy day there is nothing like coming home to a house that smells so clean.”
— Robin VanDyke

“Tami sent out James and Jason to wash our windows. They were terrific and such friendly and responsible fellows. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU... loving these clean windows!!!”
— Lois Ashbrook

“To the people that do such a wonderful job keeping my office clean, Thanks.”
— Lakeshore Studios, Inc.

“Tell the ladies we thank them”
— Sheri Gibson, Johnson-Rauhoff Communications Group

“Once again, a huge thank you for the great job you do in my home! I love coming back from work to find everything shiny and clean.”
— Lori Bennett

“I would like to commend your cleaning crew - they did a truly excellent job on our basement.”
— Krista O’Rourke

“Thank you for doing such a great job last week. The anniversary party was a smashing success.”
— Karen Logan

“Thank you for always doing such a nice job with the house. Please accept our sincere appreciation.”
— Dave and Sue Sieple

“I have had Call The Mrs. Cleaning Service for almost 15 years. I find them to be dependable and easy to communicate with regarding scheduling, illnesses, etc. I value their flexibility, understanding and communication. We work well together!”
— Mrs. Steve Upton

“On the day that Call The Mrs. comes to clean I always feel a sense of peace when leaving my home. I know that when I return, it will be clean and smell great! It should be a treat every mom should experience. Then we can concentrate on our family, not dirt.”
— Jamie Bolak

“Thanks so much for the fine service you’ve given me, and the girls who clean are SO NICE - I’ve told Missy that and thanked her. The house looked nice for the new owners.”
— Doris Lininger

“I just wanted to thank the crew that was at my house yesterday. After three weeks of having construction workers, drywall dust and mortar blobs everywhere, I had nearly given up on having a clean house ever again! When I got home from work yesterday, the house looked FABULOUS! I was very pleased with the results! I just wanted to thank the crew that went above and beyond the call of duty.”
— Lynne Durham

“Thanks for taking such good care of my mother all year!”
— Mary Foulkes

“You don’t know the joy I feel when I walk in our house and I see all the little things that are done. Especially when I see unexpected things, it’s great! Thank you for the terrific job and much thanks to your ladies as well.”
— Michele Allen

“Excellent! We passed inspection!”
— Carter-Wallace Mortgage

“You did a great job on the carpet, I thought I would have to throw away the rug but now it looks brand new!”
— Mrs. Hilton