Protect your investment with our carpet and upholstery cleaning services

You chose your carpet and furniture — expensive investments — carefully. Make sure you protect those investments by choosing your carpet and upholstery cleaner carefully.

Call The Mrs. uses the patented Von Schrader Low Moisture Extraction System. This low-moisture process uses a dirt-emulsifying dry foam -- so your carpet or upholstery isn't waterlogged with gallons of water. The foam is quickly brushed in with cylindrical brushes to clean deep below the surface. (Traditional rotary brushes only get surface dirt!) Then, the foam and dirt are both immediately extracted by powerful vacuums, so there's no chance for the dirt to settle back into the carpet or furniture.

The result? Clean, healthy carpets and upholstery that can be used within an hour. And the Von Schrader method totally eliminates the risk of shrinkage, dry-rot or browning. Compare this to traditional methods which require hours and hours to dry.

  • Special services available — call with your problem and let us solve it
  • Teflon® carpet and upholstery protection available
  • Low moisture system allows us to clean area rugs on site — without damaging the floor underneath!
  • Perfect for delicate area rug fabrics, too — like wool, silk, and cotton
  • One-time service, or we’ll do a regularly scheduled maintenance plan for prolonged carpet life, better appearance, and improved indoor air quality

For more information on Call The Mrs. carpet services or to schedule a carpet-cleaning appointment, contact us today.